About Pattie

     (Founder of Patties Angels)


Hi there and welcome to Patties Angels!  I have always had animals and felt closely connected to them. It all started in 2004 when my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident and then my dog died three weeks later due to cancer. I knew I needed to do something to help myself emotionally and spiritually. Following this tragic accident I called a local Rescue and started to volunteer for them.  I did everything from transporting to boarding. You name it and I did it! I felt very strong that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I've always loved animals and I have always been very in tune with their feelings.


Ever since I was little I always felt that I had to help animals. I've always been a fighter for the underdog, feeling that I have to be a voice for them because they are not able to speak.  I can see in their eyes their un-conditional love. I am doing this from my heart and every dog that I have helped has each taught me something.


It is a passion of mine to educate our community speaking on behalf of the  animals so that their owners provide adequate and loving forever homes, vaccines when needed, microchipping, spaying and neutering. We also strive to provide alternatives to those  wanting to surrender their pets due to relocating, financial hardship, divorce, death in the family or other crisis.  Giving up a pet should be the last resort but we can work to find fosters for them or sometimes in home boarding (based on availabilty)! I have taken in animals when owners have traveled overseas, gone into the military,  into nursing homes,  and passed on etc.


My goal is to unite local animal shelters and rescues in making our path clear for these animals in order to eliminate euthanasia. Education is needed on training, microchipping,spaying and neutering animals. That is the number one cause of animals running stray and ending up in local shelters which usually leads to the end of their life.


In order to create revenue we wish to establish a kennel to provide temporary homes for these rescues and provide income to supply their needs. In unifying our communities and working together we can lower and hopefully conquer  the euthanasia rate. It all stems from lack of education, training, spay / neuter and microchipping. The numbers of all these homeless rescues can be eliminated.... This is the dream of Patties Angels.